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Architectural Designing

ArchPoint’s Architectural Designers specialize in providing innovative, quality and cost-effective designs.

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Planning & Project Managment

Our Planning philosophy is all about being “Committed, Practical, Diligent and Efficient” throughout the Resource Consent process and deliver the success to our clients.
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Civil Engineering

Our approach to development engineering is to complement and supplement architectural design and planning with innovative and practical solutions.

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We understand the importance of a precise topological survey and hence begin with deploying our licensed cadastral surveyor associate on every project feeding into the architectural and engineering designs!
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Thorough Soil Investigations reduce risks and save costs. We highly recommend geotechnical investigations in the early stages of a project in order to Optimise building performance. Red More
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Structural Engineering

We believe in delivering robust and cost efficient structural designs utilizing state-of-the-art powerful analysis tools to provide our clients with superior outcomes!